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Issue updates!

July 27, 2022

Almost 3 months after the Nehemiah Assembly, our Action Teams are still going strong. Learn what's happening on our two campaigns - mental health crisis & homelessness. 

Growing a grassroots justice organization

June 27, 2022

Following the Celebration, the GFN continues its individual investment drive, seeking ownership from members across the Network. 

Celebrate what you've built! 

May 26, 2022

Our first newsletter! Click to learn about the upcoming Celebration and our recent actions at the Board of County Commissioners meetings. 

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Good Faith Network Targets Homelessness and Mental Health

May 29, 2022

Local faith reporter and blogger Bill Tammeus profiles the Good Faith Network and chronicles our first Nehemiah Assembly. 

Johnson County approves $1M loan for 'workforce housing' development in Shawnee

May 27, 2022

Brian Hogan, a co-chair of our Ending Homelessness Action Team, read a statement of support on behalf of the Good Faith Network to support this affordable housing development. 

These Johnson County faith groups are uniting to tackle homelessess, mental health

April 4, 2022

The first profile of the Good Faith Network in the Shawnee Mission Post, our local Johnson County paper. Reporter Leah Wankum interviewed members of the executive board


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