May 3rd, 2022
First Annual Nehemiah Assembly

1,200+ people came to the first Nehemiah Assembly of the Good Faith Network! 

That night we heard:

  • a reflection from Rabbi David Glickman (co-Vice President of the Good Faith Network) on how our faith-based community organizing works

  • overviews of the deep research conducted this year around homelessness and mental health from Pastors Cheryl Jefferson Bell and Maria Campbell (co-Presidents of the Good Faith Network)

  • powerful testimonials from network members in the Good Faith Network and statements of support from Sheriff Calvin Hayden and Lee Jost

The evening culminated in a conversation with two of the Good Faith Network's research co-chairs (Pastors Tim Suttle and Ali Haynes) and three Johnson County Commissioners, Shirley Allenbrand, Becky Fast, and Janee' Hanzlick.

From those commissioners, we heard:

  • a commitment to continue working on a comprehensive planning effort to end homelessness

  • assurance that the county's new Housing Coordinator will have responsibility for addressing systems around chronic homelessness

  • a commitment to working on a mental health crisis stabilization center in Johnson County

We don't stop here, though.

Want to learn about next steps?

Nehemiah from Balcony (1).jpg

The Good Faith Network builds a collective voice so large it can't be ignored. We organize and use that voice to advocate for changes that address the root cause of our community's most pressing problems. 

We're an interfaith organization building people power with 20 diverse congregations across Johnson County. 

In November 2021, our members voted to prioritize the mental health and homelessness crises in Johnson County.